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An anti-colonial theoretical research called "Fire Dramaturgy" is carried out by Mirza Metin and an acting training called "Dîwan" is being developed and implemented in the axis of the fire element, which brings together different narrative, dance and sound forms such as govend, semah, dengbêj, çîrokbêj, şivan. Mirza Metin, who explores the possibilities of the body and sound in his works, sees theater as a ritual form and cares more about the physical interaction of actor and audience and the physical experience that arises from this interaction than the meaning of the word. He envisions theatre not as a short-term sight venue but as a short-term life experience. He is looking for the anti-colonial and ecstatic player through semahs, kilams and strans.

The body is the most impressive narrator.

Based on Kurdish physical and vocal culture history.

Dîwan - International Theatre Academy is a Şermola Performance organization.