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Şermola Performans

Şermola Performans Founded in Istanbul in 2008, Şermola Performans transitioned to a multi-centered structure after its Istanbul stage was mandatorily closed in 2016. In addition to Istanbul, they established offices in Germany in 2018 and in Batman in 2021. They produce contemporary Kurdish plays, offer Kurdish theater training, and conduct research in the field of acting. They have a passion for witnessing rituals, leading them to create rituals that they believe others would love to witness. They've embarked on numerous tours, participated in festivals, and have been honored with 19 different awards from various cities and countries. They believe that dreaming and producing theater plays a crucial role in the struggle for freedom, viewing theater as an aesthetic realm and form of resistance within the nexus of life, art, and politics.

Şermola Istanbul Established on October 17, 2008, by co-founders Mirza Metin and Berfin Zenderlioğlu, Şermola Istanbul functioned as a traveling troupe producing productions between 2008-2010. In 2010, they transformed a bar in Istanbul's Beyoğlu into a theater, where they produced, staged, and offered training for six years. Due to economic and political reasons, they closed their stage in 2016.

Şermola Germany - Founded in Cologne in 2018 by Mirza Metin and produced by Hicran Demir, Şermola Germany aimed to expand Şermola Performans's play area, enhance collaborations with German theaters, and elevate their productions to more international platforms. They've collaborated with institutions like Frinnge ensemble (Bonn), Kulturbunker (Cologne), Cafe Eden/Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (Düsseldorf), Eurodram German Committee, and Mouches Volantes (Cologne). They are supported by organizations like Kunststifftung NRW, Kulturamt - Stadt Köln, NRW Kultur Sekreteriat Wuppertal, and Fonds Darstellende Künste Berlin. You can visit their German office website for more information.

Şermola Batman Established in 2021 by Mirza Metin with the support and leadership of Hazni Demir, Kenan Demir, and Pelda Bal, Şermola Batman not only produces theater plays, conducts tours, and participates in festivals but also manages the online theater, dance, and performance magazine "Dîalog" and the Kurdish theater school "Dîwan International Theatre Academy". They have been supported by institutions like Batman Yenisahne, Culture Civic, Kültür İçin Alan, and Sivil Düşün.

Dîalog - There are limited resources available on Kurdish theater. Many of the existing resources are either in Turkish or other languages. Dîalog Theater Magazine aims to contribute to Kurdish theater literature by offering Kurdish theater critiques, articles, introductions, news, features, and more.

Dîwan Academy – The primary goal of the Dîwan Academy is to develop contemporary theater training and introduce Kurdish children and youth to international theater platforms. Another significant objective is to research rituals, mythologies, narrative traditions, and dance forms of Kurdistan and Mesopotamia, aiming to develop a unique acting method and establish its connection with contemporary theater. Mirza Metin, who explores the possibilities of the body and voice in his work, sees theater as a ritualistic form and prioritizes the physical interaction and experience of the actor and audience over the meaning of words. He envisions theater not just as a place of brief viewing but as a short-lived life experience. Through various forms like Govend, Semah, Kilam, and Stran, he seeks an anti-colonial and ecstatic actor, which he terms ?"Dîwana Xwebûnê" (Carnival of Selfhood)?. The Dîwan Academy is founded on this core idea and aims to fill the gap in Kurdish theater education.