Şermola Germany

Şermola Germany was founded in Cologne in 2018 by Mirza Metin with a view to:

            - expanding the reach of Şermola Performans and our plays:

            - developing our existing collaborations with German theatres;

            - taking our creative output to more international channels.

Before setting up the Cologne office, we produced Aradurak(RawestgeharafZwischenhalt) and Anziehungskräftein conjunction with a fringe ensemble based in Bonn, and we put on performances in Bonn, Cologne, Münster, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Istanbul. Separately, our first independent production, Acht, which was written and directed by Mirza Metin, premiered at the Urania Theatre in Cologne with support from the Kunststiftung NRW. Meanwhile, Disco Number 5continues to run in Germany after eight consecutive seasons. 

Please visit the website for our German office at www.sermolaperformans.de.